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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a time limit to complete the claim for scifiprompts?
A. Although we do ask that you complete your claim in a reasonable amount of time, there is no specific time limit to complete your claim. However, your first fic must be posted within two weeks of your claim being approved. If this will be a problem, please contact one of the mods.
Q. What if I am unable to complete my claim?
A. If you feel that you are unable to complete your claim for any reason, please leave a comment in the drop a claims post to let us know that you can’t finish your claim so that we can re-open it again.
Q. How do the prompts work?
A. There are sets of prompts, when you sign up for your claim you need to choose however many sets you'd like, but at least one set. 
Q. What subjects can I claim?
A. You can claim the general series of the show which means you can use all characters from the show. Or you can choose a pairing, unconventional or conventional. That would mean both characters would need to be in all the fics though. You could choose one character. You could choose a place (ex. Battlestar Galactica [the ship]) and lastly, you could choose a group, like 'The Rory Four' which would be Max, Michael, Isabel & Tess (Roswell). Oh and also seasons and alternate universes of the show too. Also threesomes too. Basically everything you can think of except [original characters] and [crossovers]. (subject to change)

Q. Can I claim a original character I made up for the universe? 
A. Since there are just so many characters and what not in the different shows, I'm going with no.
Q. Can I post fics that are pre-show or post-show?
A. Yes, you can explore all of the elements of different scifi shows, including events before and after the show ended.
Q. Can I post fanfic that I previously wrote?
A. Although it’d be cool if all of the fanfics you posted for this challenge were brand new, you can post fanfic that you wrote before. However, at least half of your fanfics must be new. 

Q. Am I allowed to claim/write a slash couple/threesome etc?
A. Yes, of course.

Q. Are we allowed to write smut?
A. Yes, as last as you put it under the rating as such.
If you have any other questions, reply with a comment and a mod will get back to you. 
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